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African Echoes Counseling & Assessment Services Incorporated has evolved into a service oriented endeavor that is focused on providing Clinical Substance Abuse Counseling & Assessments, while offering a process of recovery, or referrals to a higher level of care.

We also provide Counseling, Academic Services, and Funds when available for our underrepresented Middle and High School Scholar Athletes clients. We are focused on encouraging clients to improve their quality of their life, embrace a holistic & focused process of recovery, pursue vocational or academic advancement, improve overall health & athletic performance, motivate & encourage pursuing a college degree, and a possible an athletic career.

We also offer and sponsor services, referrals and placement to Scholar Athletes, who will seriously commit to the process of elevating their skills, for a higher level of academic/athletic achievement. These Scholar Athletes, their parents or guardians, are offered services which help with their development, towards "potentially" earning an Academic and/or Athletic Scholarship.

We are seriously engaged in Counseling for Lifestyle Change and Quality of Life Improvement, Academic Advisement, Sports Performance Training/Conditioning/Testing, Martial Arts Training/Seminars, Sports Event Promotions, Nutritional Counseling, Holistic Health Seminars, Distribution of Nutritional Supplements, Holistic Health Seminars, Books, Apparel, Athletic/Cultural/Entertainment/Jazz/Poetry Promotions, all with the goal of creating financial resouces, which supports Scholar Athlete Development and Community Recovery Initiatives.

Focusing service on individuals who believe in the ancient African command, "Know Thy Self!" Our purpose is to promote a Practical Process of Recovery, Holistic Lifestyles, Stimulate the Thirst For Self Knowledge, Self-Consciousness, and Personal Development, in those who believe that learning, and personal growth are a life long process.

We will accomplish this by offering products and services through African Echoes Counseling & Assessment Services Incorporated, community partnerships and professional affiliations.

Our mission is to expose our clients to experienced and conscious professionals in their respected fields, while promoting progressive thinking, consciousness, academic achievement, athletic development, a thirst for learning, critical thinking, elevate humanity, stimulate conscious discussions, and contribute to our clients personal health and development, as Citizens, & Scholar Athletes.

In doing so we hope to unite conscious people, who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, and partner with those who are willing to embrace our philosophy of developing the WHOLE PERSON!
African Echoes
African Echoes
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