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Perry Rashiyd Bakari Perry Rashiyd Bakari, MA, LCADC, is the creator of African Echoes Counseling & Assessment Services Incorporated. Born and raised in Newark, NJ, Perry grew up in an apartment with his mother, father, an older brother and sister. His mother and father were both from Alabama, the towns of Ozark and Dothan respectfully. His mother encouraged him to read the encyclopedia, dictionary, and books on African American history. His mother also encouraged him to get a good traditional education. His father on the other hand, felt that a strong vocational trade would be the key to financial independence.

Perry's thirst for knowledge lead him to different culturally centered organization, where his life was touched by a number of positive role models. One of the most influencial and consistent mentors in Perry's life was, the late Carl "Dhati" Gregory. Carl "Dhati" Gregory was Perry's elementary school teacher, who formed a life long bond with his student.

Perry fully credits Dhati's presence and consistency with quieting a number of serious storms that rolled through his life. Dhati introduced Perry to serious writers, music and exposed Perry to political activism. Dhati's mentorship brought Perry to an understanding that," the creation of a movement should have a purpose and a goal." And he taught Perry that, "a warrior should accept their responsibility to the people as a time honored gift".

Perry was stabbed in the face in Newark in 1980. His older brother, a victim of robbery in Newark, was shot in the stomach in 1982 and survived. His older sister, a victim of a robbery in Newark, was murdered after leaving a church revival in August 1985. She was mortally wounded by a gunshot wound to the head.

Other traumatic experiences included, a few months earlier he was involved in a fight on a college campus in Maryland. Perry was beat with brass knuckles and a wooden ax handle, which resulted in severe facial fractures, broken ribs and multiple surgeries to repair the damages. His half brother from Dothan, Alabama died of AIDS in early 1988, at Newark's University Hospital. In September 1989, his father died from complication with colon cancer surgery, in Newark's Saint Michael's Hospital. His mother died in December 1995 from kidney cancer, in her hometown of Ozark, Alabama.

Like many urban youth, Perry used sports and athletics, as his ticket to escape from the violent streets of Newark, NJ. Perry excelled athletically at football, boxing and martial arts. As a result, he received multiple sports awards and honors on a City, County and Regional level for his high school football career, which he played at Barringer High School in Newark, NJ. In the spring of his senior year of high school he was honored with The National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Inc, Scholar-Athlete Award(Essex County Chapter). Subsequently, Perry received multiple college football scholarship offers, which he admits he made a number of wrong decisions over, throughout his senior high school recruiting experience! His Collegiate football experiences include brief time spent with nationally ranked Ellsworth Community College(IA), Kansas State University(KS), briefly with Fullerton College(CA), and a brief time in Semi Pro Football.

His passion for sports, athletics and exercise became a way of life for him, and a lifestyle he maintains today. It has also been a tool that Perry uses to help change the lives of troubled youth and adults, who are seeking a balance in life.

Perry has proved his skills numerous times in Judo/Grappling Championships. He has earned a USA Judo National Masters Champion title, multiple titles at the Am-Can International Judo Challenge, multiple Liberty Bell Judo Championship titles,mutliple East Coast Judo Championship titles, a Shufu Open Judo Championship title, multiple New Jersey State Judo Championship titles, and a number of other judo, grappling and karate tournament titles.

He has earned the priviledge of being a legitimately certified black belt instructor through the Kodokan, United States Judo Federation, and other independent martial arts instructor certifications. He has also earned legitimate Coaching certifications with USA Judo, USA Amateur Boxing Organizations, MMA training groups, and US Soccer Federation.

Growing from all his experiences, Perry used his energy to serve the community of Newark, NJ as both a Newark police officer and juvenile detective. He was forced into accidental disability retirement by an accumulation of injuries sustained in the line of duty. In his short career, Perry learned how seriously discouraging, law enforcement policies, can be for culturally conscious foot soldiers. To this day, Perry believes that there are many culturally conscious, honest and committed law enforcement officers, who are fighting an "endless" battle, in systems with conflictual crime policies. An argument he could not make, if he had not been there.

He is armed with GODS blessing, a "passion" for African centered books, art, music, martial arts, a Masters Degree from Rutgers University Graduate School - Newark, NJ, credentials as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor (LCADC), a number of other professional licenses and certifications, the inspirational "voices" that "echo" from the past, and the support of a few sincere family members and friends.

Perry Rashiyd Bakari, MA, LCADC, formally presents African Echoes Counseling & Assessment Services Incorporated.
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